Clean messy dataCreate contentSummarize feedbackClassify sales leads

in spreadsheets 10x faster with AI.
Charm is the Google Sheets add-on that automates work impossible to do with traditional formulas.
Create, transform, and analyze any text data in your spreadsheet.
Create, transform, and analyze any text data in Google Sheets.
Clean Messy Data
Automatically normalize addresses, separate columns, extract entities, and more.
Generate Content
Rewrite SEO content, write blog posts, generate product description variations, and more.
Generate Dummy Data
Create synthetic data like first/last names, addresses, phone numbers, and more.
Summarize Content
Generate bullet-point summaries, rewrite existing content with fewer words, and more.
Classify Text
Categorize product feedback, prioritize sales leads, discover new trends, and more.
Create Your Own
Looking for something else? Create your own template in minutes with Charm's editor.
Loved by hundreds of analysts, marketers, product managers, and more.
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"Groundbreaking tool [...] Saving me a ton of time on categorizing or generating new written variations of existing columns."
Alec Ploof
Alec Ploof
Head of Growth at Moment
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